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טירטוריו"ש in Rashi

תרגום הלע"ז by Dayan Yisroel Kukovitzky of London a dictionary of all French words in Rashi translated into Hebrew, French and English sources the Gemoroh 49: and brings both spellings מזיק ...
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Why is "the righteous" (Chavakuk 2:4) a reference to "Jeconiah the king"?

There are many commentaries and midrashim that specify other people or discuss the righteous person as a broader principle (e.g., Radak and others associate this with Israel, who survived because they ...
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Were the prophets and holy people who lived before Judah (Yehudah) also Jews?

The term Jew originally referred to members of the tribe of Judah/יהודה. After the reign of Solomon, the kingdom of Israel split in two. The northern part contained most of the tribes and was thus ...
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