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I used R' Dan Be'eri's Mishna which is based on ms kaufman, with some changes. I removed the mishna titles/numbering, his notes that appear in angle brackets, biblical sources in parenthesis, as well as the braisa at the end of פסחים פרק ה and אבות ה:כא which are later additions tacked on to the mishna (marked as such by R' Be'eri). I didn't remove the lines ...


Metzudat David writes that the doubled phrase implies that G-d's calculation here is precise. R. Moshe Alshich writes that the first occurrence of the word (which is not interpreted explicitly by Daniel) means "You, Belshazzar, attempt to calculate the seventy years of Exile." The second occurrence then means "Correspondingly, G-d has numbered ...


The Rashbam in Bava Basra 121A, says that all holidays are called Shabbos Shabooson (and they are made by bais din when they are mekadesh the chodesh) therefore they called the weekly shabbos, shabbos bereishis since it's been made holy from the six days of creation as the passuk says "vayikadesh"


Even if you accept his reasoning at face value, that The distinction between queens, concubines, and alamot is important. A queen was a royal wife, which obviously entails a sexual relationship with the king. A concubine was a sexual partner who held certain privileges, but not to the level of a wife. This would suggest that the third group, the alamot, had ...

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