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What is the difference between איל and עתוד?

Refer to Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch who notes that there is an animal mentioned here that doesn't appear anywhere else as a sacrifice - ״עתודים״. Ordinarily the term for such a creature is "...
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What is the difference between איל and עתוד?

Onkelos translates אילים as דכרי = rams and עתודים as גדיי = goats. (This is consistent with what Ramban writes in Bereishit 31; both he-goats and rams can be referred to as עתודים.)
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Definition of Baal Nefesh

I've gathered a bunch of sources, mentioned in the answers already here, and in other places. While Rashi to Mishlei 23:2 says that a Bal Nefesh is: אם רעבתן אתה ותאב לאכול If you are glutton and ...
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