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1/60: why was the figure 60 chosen?

The concept of nullifying forbidden food when mixed with kosher food 60 times its volume is discussed in the Gemara (Hulin 98a-b), followed by the biblical source for this number: the foreleg of the ...
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1/60: why was the figure 60 chosen?

A more mathematical answer shows that working with parts of 60 is actually a very efficient mathematical choice, especially in Babylonean times. To this day we still work with '60', such as in our ...
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What is the implication of the question “לימא כתנאי"?

Halichos Olam 2:1:8 by the Rishon Rav Yeshua ben Yosef HaLevi explains לימא כתנאי as follows: Is it really true that tannaim are arguing in what an ammora said? It's untenable that an ammora would ...
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Leaving a wine flask and an animal hide as a gift for an innkeeper

The term "innkeeper" is slightly incorrect here because that implies people are paying for the service whereas the Gemora is discussing the oppisite, Yerushlayim, when the Beis HaMikdush ...
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Gemara Markings System- Are there any other simliar resources available?

Gemara Markings is now known as The Daf Map. Everything from HaRav Berger, Shlita, can now be found at www.thedafmap.com. I am constantly updating the website with new shiurim from the Rav and ...
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אין קטיגור נעשה סניגור

'אין קטיגור נעשה סניגור' isn't an issur, saying that it can't be, its a klal, saying that it isn't. Its not something that can be violated, rather its a metzius, a reality. So the ramifications of '...

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