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English translation of Rashi Talmud Commentary

Rashi is discussing whether the word עזרא is spelled with an aleph (in which case it would be the Biblical person) or with a heh (in which case it would be the Temple's main courtyard). Rashi writes: ...
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What are some good Perakim to learn over the summer with kids in camp?

I used to learn the last (9th) Perek of Brachos (called Ha'Roeh) with kids in camp. Part of my teaching was to give a "semichah" test to the students regarding dream interpretation. Another ...
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Why R' Yehoshua didn't mention the majority rule?

The whole argument is that Hillel (represented by Rabbi Yehoshua) goes after the qualified majority for halacha, & Shamai (R' Eliezer) goes after who is correct/sharper. (See into of Ktzot that ...
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