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Every Forbidden thing has a corresponding opposite

The Talmud says: Yalta said to her husband Rav Naḥman: Now as a rule, for any item that the Merciful One prohibited to us, He permitted to us a similar item. [Chullin 109b] Numerous examples follow.
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What is the source for "in the place where baalei teshuva stands, complete tzadikim are not ABLE to stand"?

Dikdukei Soferim to Berachot 34b brings a variant reading of the gemara which contains the phrase יכולין לעמוד in place of עומדין, which comes from a marginal note found in the Munich manuscript: (...
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Is it true there was a sage on his death bed and said I wish I used up all my money?

Reish Lakish, in Gittin 47a: כִּי נָח נַפְשֵׁיהּ שְׁבַק קַבָּא דְמוֹרִיקָא, קְרָא אַנַּפְשֵׁיהּ: ״וְעָזְבוּ לַאֲחֵרִים חֵילָם״ When he passed away, he left a kav of saffron. He applied to himself the ...
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ואספת דגנך - blessing or curse?

Rabbi Shimon was of the opinion that the correct state of the world is where Jews and non Jews form a partnership similar to Yissachar and Zevulun, where the Jews sit and learn Torah and the non-Jews ...
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Gemara tractates for Halacha lemaaseh

Many areas of halacha you ask about have one core Talmudic tractate laying out the core halachot, even if relevant sources will be found in numerous other tractates Kashrut: Chulin Shabbat: tractate ...
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Do you force a people to build a wall with Material made in Modern Times?

we would force the two people to build the wall out of wood If you mean does הכל כמנהג המדינה apply only to the four materials listed in the mishnah, the answer is decidely no. "HARAV" on ...
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