According to Rashi (see Beresihis 3:17), the land/ground began to produce flies, fleas and ants only after Adam and Eve sinned, therefore insects didn't existed prior to that.


It seems clear from Bereishit 17:1-5 that he was 99 years old.


Indeed, Shevuos 20b-21a does infer halachos from the fact that the variant texts were said in a single utterance. Zachor and Shamor: Whoever is obligated in one is obligated in both, to include women in the positive commandments of Shabbos Shav and Sheker: Either to teach that one receives lashes for either, or to teach that one must bring a Karban for ...


There seems to be some question and differing opinions about whether he did complete Teshuva or not . Most opinions hold that he did complete Teshuva. However,The Tosfos Yeshanim Yoma 38B, asks a similar question to the one being asked here; How can we use the name Yishmael if based on the Gemora Sanhedrin mentioned in this question he was a Rasha? He ...


According to the sefer סדר הדורות הקצר, p.9 - It writes that in the year 2047 (counted from the creation of the world) Avraham was aged 99 when he performed milah on himself and his sons on the 13th Nissan. It was at this time his name was changed. Please find a photo of the page below (please note that the highlighted text is not all relevant to the answer):...

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