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R. Yitzchak Abadi (Ohr Yitzchak 1:175) rules it is permitted to make a knot on a garbage bag that is going to be thrown out since it cannot be called a kesher shel kayama.


The practice of lighting shabbat candles is a rabbinic requirement (see, e.g. Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat 25b; Rambam Laws of Shabbat 5:1), to honor the Shabbat and create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in the home (see e.g. here). According to most, the requirement may be fulfilled using electronic lights (at least incandescent ones) that serve ...


Isaiah 66:23 Radak and Metzudas David (ad loc.) interpret "כל בשר" as including non-Jews too. However this is does not indicate that they will keep Shabbos, or that they may keep Shabbos. It merely indicates that they will also come to the Temple to bow before Hashem. The Jews will walk, and the non-Jews can drive!


Given that @sabbahillel’s answer to this question quotes a somewhat one-sided view it is only fair to present the opposing opinions. As always, CYLOR for practical guidance. The issues at play are 1) muktzeh 2) tearing [open the delivered item] and 3) tehum. 1) Needless to say if the item delivered falls under one of the categories of muktzeh, say a ...

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