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Differences in meanings between similar pronouns (עָלָיו, לוֹ); likewise (יהוּ,- יו-)

Regarding יו- and יהו-, it is important to remember that in ancient Hebrew the letter ו is pronounced w/u. Thus, בקשתיו would be pronounced biqashtiu, quite similar to בקשתיהו - biqashtihu. Compare ...
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Why Called "Bar Mitzva"

In addition to @Shalom's answer in the comments, maybe we can offer another answer בדרך אפשר: Rabbeinu in Sharei Teshuvah (שער ג, אות כב) says: ומצות תפילין ומצות מזוזה - מצוות עשה הן, והנן בכלל קבלת ...
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Why are they called Chosson/kalla?

Rav Hirsch in Beresheit 11:31 and Beresheit 19:12 explains the reason: Found this here and translated it: The term 'כלה' (bride), has its root in כ'ל'ה' or כ'ל'ל', and it signifies completion, as ...
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Kavana for סֶּֽלָה

The crux of the question seems to be how to choose which definition to use when one is uncertain which of multiple definitions to choose. I believe the Rambam (Commentary on Mishnah Orlah 3:2) tells ...
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What is the correct translation of Exodus 6:3?

Some claim Exodus 6:3 is contradictory because (as they say) God Almighty did not reveal his name YHWH (יהוה) to Abraham, while other scriptures provide evidence to the contrary. The Hebrew text of ...
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What is the difference between and לִשְׁמֹר and לַעֲשׂוֹת?

The Tosfot Yom Tov explains it well: לשמור ולעשות. שאע"פ שלא היתה כונתו אלא לעשות מספיקין בידו גם לשמור מהעבירות. שלא יהא כטובל ושרץ בידו. כך כתב במד"ש ובמשנת אבות שמא"י נמחק לשמור. ...
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Meaning of animal names examples

I'll just give a few examples but for a long list of examples see here: For a fox- זאב, it's זה אב, like זה אובה, meaning a fox always desires food. For a mouse- עכבר, its בר, עכב-בר is מזון (food) ...
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