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There is a general precept to ask the well-being of another person. This is known as שאילת שלום, asking of ‘shalom’. For example in Berachot 9:5: וְהִתְקִינוּ, שֶׁיְּהֵא אָדָם שׁוֹאֵל אֶת שְׁלוֹם חֲבֵרוֹ בַּשֵּׁם, שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (רות ב) וְהִנֵּה בֹעַז בָּא מִבֵּית לֶחֶם, וַיֹּאמֶר לַקּוֹצְרִים יְיָ עִמָּכֶם, וַיֹּאמְרוּ לוֹ, יְבָרֶכְךָ יְיָ And they ...


Note- This answer does mention some things from Aron's answer and magic's comment, but also addresses the Geiger question too what manuscripts (if any) have Jesus instead of Balaam? none (And your question there would be, what manuscripts, if any, have has Yeshu been replaced by Balaam. Answer is none. There are instances of Yeshu and of Balaam). And ...


Yom Hashoa is the official Israeli Remembrance Day and it only reflects governmental aspects, not interpersonal. While on a political level, there are lots of ceremonies, no change in personal conduct is expected, like no changes in clothes, talk, activities, greetings etc.


Chagiga 3b is the main place in Talmud. This text does not easy lead to clear conclusions. But this is the main source. in psychiatry today perhaps those symptoms are included in the term "disorganized behavior". The Sages taught: Who is considered an imbecile (who has no duty to fulfill mitsvot, has no punishment, who cannot make valid acquirement or ...


Menachot 65b cites 4 Tan'aim who provide 4 explanations to reconcile these 2 verses: (1) Rabbi Eliezer (2) Rabbi Yehoshua (3) Rabbi Yishmael (4) Rabbi Yehuda ben Betera. Rabbi Yishmael says there is another refutation of the Boethusian interpretation. The Torah said: Bring the omer offering on the festival on Passover and the two loaves on Shavuot. ...

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