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Heter for only doing birkat kohanim on Yom Tov

R Ari Henkin (here) brings two reasons for the custom you mention There are a number of reasons why Ashkenazi congregations in the Diaspora only perform Birkat Kohanim on Yom Tov. The most celebrated ...
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Splitting learning for a siyum

Rabbi Lauffer at Ohr Somayach writes: Is It Permissible for a Few People to Learn Different Parts of the Tractate and Make a Siyum Together? Yes, it is (see Chavot Yair 70 and Maharshal). If possible,...
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Engagement Pictures

From a book about Lubavitcher customs, etc. regarding shidduchim and marriage, Eternal Joy, volume 2. Rabbi Leibel Groner relates that the Rebbe also asked him to publicize his displeasure with the ...
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I heard that some Moroccan Taamim and/or Piyoutim originate from the zemirot/songs of the Leviim in the Beit Hamikdash. Are there Torah Sources?

Someone told me of one source for Andalous music based upon Leviim - who moved to a place called Andaluzia in Spain - in the Abarbanel - Melachim II - 25
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Changing minhag by location

You can find that Halacha in Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 468:4 and the commentaries there. In short, the halacha follows the common meaning of “moving“, i.e. your intention is to move there permanently....
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