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There are numerous factors that need consideration for a full answer, and every scenario needs a case-by-case analysis. See here and here for a partial treatment. To answer the specific question of distance - there is no minimum distance that makes or breaks a minyan. However, the Minchas Yitzchok adds two conditions which must be met: תלוי בשמיעת הש"ץ ...


When gedalai was told that someone was planing o killing him, Gedalia ignored it. He said oy, Lashon Hara, But it was letoelet. Many men died because of Gedalia's foolish actions. The people who died are considered to be on his head. That is why the passuk says these men who gedalia killed.{rashi, Mtzudat david}


Answer: Have you considered getting creative which ordinary leather straps?


Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetzky writes about vegetarianism in his Emes LiYaakov on Pirkei Avos, chapter 5 regarding the ten generations from Adam to Noach etc. He mentions the idea of Ramban of why meat became permitted after the flood. Then he goes on to discuss the subject at hand. The following is my translation. We must remember that the opinion of Torah ...

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