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The closest I can think of in Tenach is וְעֵינַיִם רָמוֹת תַּשְׁפִּיל but haughty eyes You humble. From which we may infer a prohibition regarding haughty eyes.


R. Eliezer Melamed in Peninei Halakha Zemanim ch. 13 fn. 2 (writing for an Israeli audience) rules as follows (emphasis mine): The Sages state that if one’s home has two entrances on different sides, he should light at both entrances, so that household members are not suspected of neglecting the mitzva (Shabbat 23a; sa 671:8). However, as we saw in the ...


Many jewish/rabbinical sources state that it is. "it appears that a legal opinion[that islam is not idolatry] based on only one source (the Rambam) is being presented as the accepted mainstream position of the religion." "the assertion that there is “no denial of Hashem ...

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