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Because all destruction says Rabbi Aharon Kotler is due to the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh.


That's a mistranslation. קפריסין are capers. See Berkahot 36a. They would soak capers in the wine to give it flavor (or something like that; I don't have a recipe for you).


The Rambam writes that the death of the High Priest distracts the mourners from seeking vengeance on the possible killer in the city of refuge: The chance of returning from the exile depends on the death of [the high-priest], the most honoured of men, and the friend of all Israel. By his death the relative of the slain person becomes reconciled; for it is a ...


It would be particularly offensive to God to return to Egypt using the very same path God chose to liberate us from there. It's like rubbing it in. Aside: Having been born and raised in Egypt until forced out at age 18, and seeing Egypt judenrein (Jew-free) today for the first time in history, I believe the commandment not to live in Egypt ever again meant ...

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