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Where in the works of Maimonides does he address how to deal with apparent contradictions between halakha and empirical facts?

The Rambam is always careful to distinguish between knowledge of facts and knowledge of good and evil (More Nevuchim 1:2). A law can never contradict the fact that it causes suffering. The fact that a ...
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Where can I get the Mishnah Torah in English in plain text, open source?

Here: Select just the English translation at the top of the page Unlike sefaria, it has a translation on the ...
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What kinds of statues does the Rambam mean we shouldn't put our mouths on?

Partial answer: It should be noted that the Rambam is basing himself off of Tosefta Avodah Zara 7:3: "פרצופות המטילין מים לכרכין לא יניח פיו ע"פ פרצוף מפני שנראה כנושק לעבודת כוכבים אבל ...
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What is the "necessary existence"?

Rabbi Tauber's commentary on Derech Mitzvotecha: Every other being was created; brought into existence from utter nothingness. In other words, the truth of every other entity's existence is non-being....
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