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This is misunderstood, the "under 20" means you will not suffer in this world for those sins,however, in the next world there is punishment.


The Baalay Musar say that evidently the Torah is saying that a Yfas Toar is the only sin one can not refrain from committing.


That passage is Ki Titsei. I have been wondering, what would you do to the captive woman? Let's pretend I am that woman. Would I prefer to be a slave. Or married to the soldier with the rank to ask for me. We establish that the "woman" is unmarried. According to the passage, she apparently was not married. Torah commands all married women in an ...


Only Hashem has the authority to call a census which is to be followed by a census tax as required in Shmot/Exodus. Israel became a patriotic supporter of David's ambition and usurpation of Hashem's authority. Don't forget 1 Samuel 8. It was then that Israel wanted to be like the other nations and have an king. Hashem told Shmuel to tell the people that they ...

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