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Rape perpetrated by an adult male towards a girl under three years of age: halachic framework

In any legal system with carefully defined rules, there are edge cases where the particulars of a case allow instances to fall through the cracks. A reading of Rambam may lead to a conclusion that ...
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Are homosexual relations forbidden by God? Why?

Well what would you define as a wrong form of intimacy? If we are to only to view the wrongs in sexuality in an objective view. (married woman, family member) And not with a subjective wrongdoing, ...
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Who discovered Sexual intercourse

Yalkut Shimoni here אמר רבי אלעזר: מאי דכתיב זאת הפעם? מלמד שבא אדם על כל בהמה וחיה, ולא נתקררה דעתו, עד שעה שנזדווגה לו חוה. Adam tried having intercourse with every domesticated and wild animal and ...
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Rambam's Mishneh Torah - Is a female pure after relations with a minor/gentile/animal?

The Rambam explains - the pasuk says 'וְאִשָּׁה אֲשֶׁר יִשְׁכַּב אִישׁ אֹתָהּ'... To exclude anything that isn't a fully grown Jewish adult man. Not that the Torah is condoning it, but it doesn't ...
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Is there anything wrong with getting married to have intimacy?

It sounds like you are asking if Judaism has something analogous to the Shiite Islamic practice of Nikah mut'ah. A marriage for pleasure which is set to contractually expire at a predesignated time. ...
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