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Why did animals need to eat/be fed for a year in the Ark?

I take issue with your premise. I'm not a fan of endless explanations of miracles, because I think it makes theology and philosophy lazy. I take a similar issue with Christians inserting Jesus into ...
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Do any commentators equate 2 אֲחִיָּהs?

Sort of. This article in the Jewish Encyclopedia makes the claim that the two אחיהs are equated The Midrash, basing itself on the fact that, according to II Chron. ix. 29, Ahijah is described as ...
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What tribe is Avner from?

Samuel 1:14:51-52 indicates Avner's father Ner was the brother of King Saul's father Kish, both sons of Aviel. Chronicles 1:8:33 indicates Ner was Kish's father. Either way he was presumably a ...
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