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Since it is a מצווה שכלית ("rational" mitzvah), as others have said, I find it hard to imagine it not being binding on a Ben Noach. Furthermore, I would suggest a more formal obligation here: that the obligation to keep an oath precedes the very idea of mitzvos since our obligation in mitzvos is viewed as the outgrowth of an oath. Thus we have the ...


B"H Just daven normally, if people can talk on the phone to their friends in public and wear all kinds of crazy clothes, we can talk to the Creator in public wearing tefillin etc. Blessings and success


I'd suggest that the view of Zoroastrians that there are forces of "good" and "evil" is perfectly unobjectionable to Torah Jews. We have, for instance, what we call tumah and taharah (רוח טומאה ורוח טהרה). Our understanding, though (as Ameimar made clear in that gemara), is that Hashem rules both; they are all part of his oneness, not two ...

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