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Are gentile shrunken heads assur to own

I think it's not a good idea. THere seem to be four halachic issues: benefitting from a dead body, tumah, not performing the mitzvah of burial, and the one you mentioned. Regarding benefitting from ...
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Why would a Jew get upset when gentiles claim to be Jews?

One of the reasons, a Jew will get upset when gentiles claim to be Jews is similar to the case mentioned below. A veteran of the US military, let's say a navy Seal, who went through war/conflict and ...
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Examples of forbidden behaviors for Jews permitted toward gentiles

Here's a funny one from the very end of the Gemara Meghillah: אָמַר רַב הוּנָא בַּר מָנוֹחַ מִשְּׁמֵיהּ דְּרַב אַחָא בְּרֵיהּ דְּרַב אִיקָא: שְׁרֵי לֵיהּ לְבַר יִשְׂרָאֵל לְמֵימַר לֵיהּ לְגוֹי: ...
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Why would a Jew get upset when gentiles claim to be Jews?

Two things: Jews are a family. Imagine if some random stranger walked into your house and told you that if you don't adopt them, you're a bigoted supremacist. It's insane. Similarly, if a non-Jew ...
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