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The reward for positive commandments is based on performing them or at least on the intent to perform them; if one is an onen (forced by circumstances) and unable to perform a given commandment but tries to do so, he is rewarded as if he had indeed performed it (see this question). While one is not directly rewarded for imagining the performance a positive ...


In terms of whether should do Shiluach Hakan if one has no need/ interest in the eggs, a article titled "The Mitzvah Of Shiluach HaKan" addresses this question: QUESTION: Is the mitzvah of shiluach ha-kan obligatory or optional? In other words, if one observes a mother bird roosting on a nest but has no need for the eggs [or young birds] – is he ...


A simple answer suggests the following: If you desire a meal with the eggs, it is commanded in the Torah to scare away the mother bird so she does not see her young taken. If you do no desire the eggs, we leave the birds alone.


There are various sources which sound like there is no mitzvah at the onset; only once transgressing the negative mitzvah. Teshuvos HaRashba I § 18 says there's no beracha on sending away the mother bird, as its a mitzvah haba'ah baveira, a mitzvah that only occurs through a transgression. The Ritva to Makkos 16a sounds like there's no mitzvah except after ...

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