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Here's my unsourced, albeit serious answer: This and numerous other arguments depend on one distinction - do we follow the source or the target, in other words, because this comes out of a musical instrument it is forbidden, or because it sounds to us as such. Here, the standard approach is that we follow the source, no matter how it sounds, here's why all ...


This PDF file attributed to the teachings of R' Shlomo Aviner lists a couple of gedolim who practiced this, but doesn't give sources: Q: Is it permissible to turn one's back to the Kotel? A: It is permissible just as in a shul it is permissible to turn one's back to the Torah ark. When one leaves the Kotel, the custom is to walk backwards with his ...


The לוח דבר בעיתו explains (regarding Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5769) that the reason we don't announce בה"ב on Rosh Chodesh is that: אין מברכים את המתענים בה"ב בחדש ניסן או בשבת ר"ח, השבת הקרובה, כמו שנאמר (קהלת ז, יד) "בְּיוֹם טוֹבָה - הֱיֵה בְטוֹב", ומברכים בשבת שלאחריה.‏ I.e. In a time of good fortune, enjoy the good fortune (Koheles 7:14) - so we don't ...


Although at first glance, the act of standing by a wife when her husband is called up for an aliyah to the Torah appears to be similar to that of a child or student standing before their parent or teacher out of respect, it is actually coming from a completely different place. And to clarify, this has nothing to do with the subject of mutual respect which ...


In Iran, the milk in the city I'm from was all procured by non-jews. So unless you bought a whole cow for pesah, you wouldn't have dairy because there was no means of verifying if there was hametz in the milk.


"Why learn late thursday night?" To avoid a fast. The most religious among us love to fast from Thursday evening to Friday evening, in order (for them) to enjoy (more) the delight/the oneg of Shabbat celebration. Those among us, however, who are unable to fast or do not want to fast (especially from Thursday evening meal), arrange to learn Torah or a ...


Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De'ah 181.1 פאות הראש הם שתים סוף הראש הוא מקום חיבורו ללחי מימין ומשמאל:‏ The peot (borders) of the head are two: the place of the temporomandibular joint. It's not linked to the skin and hair, to bones only.

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