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In addition to many things that have been said here, there is a tradition amongst older chassidim in Russia that that there will be 7 rebbes and no rebbe before moshiach comes. I heard this directly from Eliyahu Touger(his name is all over chabad edition translations into english) who said it was a "known thing". I then promptly asked Uri Kaploun (...


Here is one of a few ways. This is the general favorite of the Anti-Messianics (those who believe to themselves that the rebbe will be moshiach but who hate publicity on the matter): The rambams psak in Laws of Kings 11:4 is stating moshiach has to be alive, but the next question is what the background learning for this psak is. It’s brought in achronim (...


One of the answers above mentioned Rabbi David Berger; here is his well-known article: In it he presents a lot of the evidence discussed above, and also clarifies some of the evidence that was left out by people on various sides. He is a very un-sympathetic narrator - as he makes clear.


Good eye! You're noticing a Kabbalistic practice called כתיבת השם בחילוק writing God's name by parts. I won't begin to pretend to understand it, but those who practice it write the different limbs of the letters of the Tetragrammaton in a specific order with specific Kabbalistic meditations for each one, and you end up with some of the letters looking a bit ...

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