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Seforno ad loc. explains that "Yitzchok was under the impression that he was speaking to Esau, he thought that it would be in Yaakov’s interest to endure some degree dependence upon Esau while at the same time holding on to the Land of Israel as its Abrahamitic heritage." Yitzchok knew that the Land would belong to Yaakov exclusively, which also explains ...


Rav Menashe Klein in his Mishneh Halachos 11:182 and 18:143 writes that on a ruler one makes a bracha even if they do not have they power to kill someone. He notes that for the President one can make a bracha ,but a governor he is unsure ,since the governors of yesteryear had more power. Text of the teshuva:


(At least, I have never seen this done at any wedding that I have attended.) Actually, I've been to a Temani wedding (with an Ashkenazi bride) and the Chattan did make the brachot of Kidushin. I no longer recall if he said all the 7 brachot afterwards, but I don't think so.


Although the Chattan should recite the Berachot, as it’s his Mitzvah to get married and start a family, usually, the Mesader Kiddushin recites the Berachot, so as not to embarrass Chattanim who don’t know how to do it themselves. (Rama and Perisha Even HaEzer 34:1) Since the Rambam holds that it’s a Birkat HaMitzvah, the Chattan should ideally appoint the ...


The simple answer is there is no explicit source and this is a new idea. There are those who bring an idea from Dovid Hamelech about instituting 100 brachos daily. There are those who also bring the Yalkut Shimoni Yeshaya 26: Remez 429 that one amen can even save rashaim from gehenom. Reish Lakish also says that the gates of Gan Eden are opened when one ...


The linked aticle quotes the Ben Ish Chai as saying that brachos party are a specific merit for an ill person. It says in a very short summary that it is basically the zechus of all the brachos and of all the amens.

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