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Remaining single in Judaism

The Talmud and the Midrash make the Jewish view very clear: Any man who does not have a wife lives without goodness, without help, without happiness, without blessing, and without atonement... Even ...
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Minhag for a couple of converts

Following the teaching from Moshe Rabbeinu, the male convert follows what would be defined as Minhag Yisroel, what all Jews have accepted universally. It is in that sense that the response from Yalkut ...
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Minhag for a couple of converts

I am sure there are other opinions but, The Yalkut Yosef in his Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Yore Deah Siman 242:30 - writes about a person who converts in the land of Israel that he should follow the ...
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Minhag for a couple of converts

It's hard to declare any sort of hard and fast rules on these things; practical considerations are going to win out. (Maybe one of them can adjust better than the other? Just as an example, the ...
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Wives of the Shevatim

The Farhi Bible in the Sassoon Collection (Ms. 368) includes, among other things, a list of the names of ancient matriarchs from the Tanachic period, including those of the wives of the Shevatim. The ...
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May a husband and wife swim together while the wife is niddah

There might be several problems with it, but not prohibited per se. One of the problems is that the husband cannot see body parts that are usually covered when the wife is "niddah". He may ...
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Who is the father when parents are not married halachically?

B"H "According to halacha, a child's father is considered to be the halachic husband of the mother (based on Sota 27a)." Not correct. The actual halachic father of the child is whoever ...
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