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Ibn Kaspi in his commentary there writes: לא אמר זה לשרה כי אין לנכבד ולקדוש שידבר עם הנשים ולכן נשמרתי אני מזה כל ימי He did not say this to Sarah, for it is not [appropriate] for one who is honored and holy to speak with women. And therefore I have guarded against this all my life.


The Chizkuni explains that Avraham was worthy of rebuke above that of Sarah. Avraham also laughed at the notion of having children at such an old age, and his behaviour required more of a response from G-d. The Chizkuni writes: למה זה צחקה, “why is it that she ridiculed, etc.?” [the author now repeats something he had already explained, at the top of this ...


BezH I published several years ago 5 of the oldest manuscripts of Tzva'at R. Yehuda HaChasid, starting from 1382/ה' קמ"ג (see:, and found that there was a heading preceding the Tzva'ah whose contents were contradicting regarding who he is addressing there. Some mention gentiles, others mention the community at large. ...

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