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I have found in the article (p. 8 of the PDF) of Eliezer Papo that it is מאכל ספרדי דומה לבורקס שלנו היום – כיסנים ממולאים בבשר או בגבינה.‏ a Sephardic food similar to our bourekas today – dumplings filled with meat or cheese. It says that it is the same as the current empanada, so Robev's and Joel K's guess was correct.


dinonline responds to your question as such The idea of pas shel shacharis — morning bread, or breakfast — is not an “obligation,” but is stated by the Sages of the Gemara by way of good advice. The Gemara writes that no less than 83 ailments are countered by “morning bread,” and a number of additional benefits are also mentioned, such as the ability to ...


Are you referring to genus Vigna or Pisum? Vigna or Black eyed peas are mentioned several times in the Gemara.


I have asked Kosher Miami ( and they responded the blessing was sheakol (as pcoz suggested in comments as well). So there is no way to wash on bread like this and its final blessing is borei nefashos.

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