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Just for additional information, The Sepharadi Rabbi I asked (R' Shay Tahan) said that if the gum still has taste, then it's assur to keep it in one's mouth when going to the bathroom. This Ashkenazi site says that it is assur. This website says that it is נכון מאוד (very much proper) to not have the benefit of the taste from gum in the bathroom.


Rav Reisman is quoted as answering the question here Rav Yisroel Reisman (Ki Savo 5775) offers a beautiful insight which provides a brilliant perspective for life. Date honey generally doesn’t take much effort to obtain, as the sweet nectar often flows out of the fruit and coats each one with a sweet and sticky outer layer. On the other hand, bee ...


According to Levush [O”Ch 583] honey is a custom of Ashkenaz. Apparently, when the custom developed, date honey was not available. In fact, since dates are one of the symbolic foods for Rosh Hashana [Krisus 6a] it is possible that the custom of eating honey was a substitute for dates. Some explain bee honey as symbolizing turning the harshness of last ...

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