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Why specifically the size of a date on Yom Kippur?

The mishna b'rura this seif points this out: (א) ככותבת הגסה - אע"ג דבכל איסורי התורה משערינן בכזית, כל זה הכי דכתיבי אכילה משא"כ ביו"כ דלא כתיב אכילה אלא מנע הכתוב את האכילה בלשון ...
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Is there any interest in eating a baked donut on Chanuka?

R. Shlomo Zalman Auerbach has a novel interpretation of the custom to eat doughnuts (mentioned here). According to him, the point is to eat something which will entail reciting the beracha me'ein ...
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Chesed and food - healthy or tasty?

This is just my perspective, and it isn’t halachic, but as I understand Jewish ethics It depends. If the food is actually unhealthy, even if tasty you should probably prioritize health, based on the ...
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Status of food fried with oil that was previously used for meat

The Tur (Yoreh De’ah 89) writes that one does not have to wait between a meat dish and a dairy dish if neither one contains actual meat or milk. The Bach notes that while Semak allows one to eat ...
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Can kashrus be judged by ingredients lists?

The simple answer giving by kashrut organizations is no. Many industrially-manufactured products go through complex production processes, at times unexpected. For instance R Elefant, the COO of OU ...
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Can kashrus be judged by ingredients lists?

Basically, it depends on the product. Meat has to be slaughtered and prepared by observant Jews. Grape juice or wine can only be touched by observant Jews before pasteurization. Certain cooked foods ...
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Eating reduces spritual sensitivity and Yitzchak Avinu wanting a meal before giving his berachot - contradiction?

Two points: Firstly, on a basic level...what makes you assume that just because he asked for a tasty meal he would end up overeating? Surely someone of Yitzchak's righteousness was in control of his ...
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Eating reduces spritual sensitivity and Yitzchak Avinu wanting a meal before giving his berachot - contradiction?

One point is it is the overeating is what causes this spiritual insensitivity rather than eating. The point being that when you over indulge. Another point is in the kavana behind the eating as well ...
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Is there a list of kosher duck species?

According to the Chasam Sofer (shu"t YD 74) wild geese (ducks?) are not kosher, citing Tzemach Tzedek (Siman 29). The Star-K seems to rule in accordance with this position and will not certify ...
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Eating meat on Hannuka?

I don't know the source but there is a German custom to call the last night of Chanukah "Chanukas HaMizbeach and have a big yontif type of meal and serve meat and latkes. The traditional type of ...
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