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I can't see any problem with this, based on the following (from halachipedia): Many poskim are lenient regarding a live-in maid as a worker paid by the job and not per hour as long as the maid is told explicitly that she is not required to do them on Shabbos and may do it beforehand or afterwards. Nonetheless, there's numerous restrictions in order ...


No. You are not allowed to enjoy a Goy's act on Shabbat, unless there was no physical change (which is not the case here). Source:


The Gemara in Avodah Zara 35b says that one of the reasons why Gevinas Akum is assur is because they use "שרף של ערלה", or the sap of a tree that is assur because of orlah, as a rennet. This is noteworthy because Orlah only applies to the fruit of a tree (and the shomer l'pri, see Brachos 36b). It is permitted to use the parts of a tree that are not the ...


The Poskim discuss whether there would be a prohibition of Lifnei Iver by feeding someone who will not make the appropriate blessings (before or after), or will eat in situations that are forbidden (for example, without washing his hands as prescribed by Halacha). Upon first glance, one could consider this 'one-side-of-a-river' (a registered limitation to ...

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