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The point the Vilna Gaon is trying to emphasize is guarding one's tongue, Rav Dovid Altschuler in his Metzudos Zion and Rav Meir Leibush Wisser - the Malbi"m, both comment on that verse explaining the term "שאנן" to connote tranquility that comes from silence. Therefore this verse is quite apropos in buttressing the notion of watching one's ...


HaRav Tzadok HaKohen of Lublin זצ"ל writes in דובר צדק (last paragraph on page) that binah is a female trait that is rooted in the heart, whilst חכמה, wisdom, belongs to the male consciousness and stems from the brain. Quoting the זוהר he writes, "חכמה ובינה הם אבא ואימא" – “Wisdom and understanding – they are the father (i.e. wisdom) and the ...


From my understanding of the Torah, which is only a few years, there appears to be no clear admonishing for a woman, though it does seem in many places it is discouraged. The commentaries of the Chumash suggests that Dina was raped by the prince of Shechem because she was extroverted and spoke much in the city. There may be an issue of lifnei iver depending ...


It is incorrect (and according to some poskim assur) for her to go to a mixed swimming pool even when she is fully dressed. The poskim say that it is a lack of tznius for her to look at the men, and to be in such a place, there is also an issue of maris ayin for her to be in such a place. Source: Halichos Bas Yisroel 7-17

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