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Halachic aspects of relocating an established minyan

In my other answer, I addressed the specific issue of an individual praying in a home minyan rather than in a synagogue. You asked in comments to clarify the halacha for an entire community that would ...
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Halachic aspects of relocating an established minyan

I like how you wrote up the question. It became quite relevant post-COVID when people had to decide whether to disband home/street minyanim and come back to synagogues. A person in this situation ...
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How do people daven so quickly, and what's the support for it?

I don’t know if this explanation can be applied to everyone who prays fast, and it definitely does not mean that one can actually skip words, but I’ve read somewhere in Sippurei Chasidim of Rabbi ...
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Reciting/singing Aḥeinu outside of the formal prayer setting and origin of tune

The song was popularised following its release by Abie Rotenberg. It was composed in 1990 (see here) and first released on his Lev V'nefesh 1 CD. In an interview (linked above) Abie provides more ...
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hat and jacket during davening

If this is a practical question, CYLOR. It is a machlokes: Rav Chaim Kanievsky (Sheilas Rav p. 194) says better to daven alone with a hat than daven with a minyan without a hat: On the other hand, ...
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Can one Daven with the 'wrong' pronunciation?

When we made aliyah, I asked our new local Rav about how I should pronounce words when I daven, especially since I planned on davening from the amud. (In the U.S. I davened nusach Ashkanaz with an ...
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Are Samaritans viewed as adherents of Judaism?

They call themeselves Israelites, not Jews, though as the person said above, since the beta Israel supposedly come from the tribe of Dan and call themselves Jews, I think it should apply to Samaritans ...
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Pregnant woman with male fetus in a minyan?

The Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 55:4) talks about adding a Katan to a minyan: יש מתירים לומר דבר שבקדושה בתשעה וצירוף קטן שהוא יותר מבן שש ויודע למי מתפללין ולא נראין דבריהם לגדולי הפוסקים וה"ה ...
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Why is זֵכֶר לְמַעֲשֵׂה בְרֵאשִׁית left out sometimes on Shabbat Amidah?

Shaar HaKollel, written by the great-grandfather of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, brings a source received from Kabbalah (quoted in Mishnat Chassidim) that says we shouldn't say the phrase in Shacharit. The ...
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If someone's ancestry was a mix of Hassidic and non-Hassidic Ashkenazi, what Nusach should they daven?

Obviously, someone should talk to a rabbi about their particular situation; if there's a particular community or practice that particularly speaks to them, that's worth something. But for theory's ...
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