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This wrapping is in accordance with the Yemenite(Teiman) custom. Source: Nitei Gavriel Halachos V'Halichos Bar Mitzvah V'Hanachos Tefillin.


Alei Hadas pg 310 (where Rav Mazuz says to look about why the custom exists in the YKR question linked to by @IsraelReader) surmises that some communities recite it in shul because some people won't say it at home or to buy time for latecomers. Either way, the one on the wall is probably just a means of getting another donation for the shul and of little ...


According to this website, the custom in the Jewish Tunisian community is to recite the "Eishet Chayil", after the reading of "Shir Hashirim" (Song of Songs) and in the Djerba community to recite it during the weeks of Sefirat HaOmer. [In many Sefardic communities, "Shir Hashirim" is recited weekly, after "Kabbalat Shabbat", before "Arvit". Some of the ...

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