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In Divrei haYamim II 17:9, King Yehoshafat sends out people to teach Torah in the land of Yehuda and they take physical Torah scrolls with them.


R David Sperling at here addresses your question and brings a number of rejected opinions - to be clear the halacha remains that a Torah scroll does not count as a tenth in a minyan In regards the question of using a Sefer Torah as the "tenth man" in a minyan – yes this does have a vague hint of a source. Firstly, the Talmud (Brachot 47b) ...


I always understood that, even if not forbidden and often seen, one should not touch the parchment with the yad to prevent erasing letters over time. I see R Hershel Schachter writes the same (Lesser Known Laws of Torah Reading, #54) The Ba'al Keriah should not touch the Torah text with the tip of his pointer, even for the purpose of keeping the place, ...

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