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Are Tefillin allowed to be put in a prison?

Sefer torah to tefillin seems a false analogy to me. In any event there are a huge number of articles reporting on tefillin in prison. See for example: The Tefillin Miracle ...
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Are Tefillin allowed to be put in a prison?

It's worth noting that most prisons in the United States (and probably in 1st/2nd world countries) will not allow tefillin to be kept or used by prisoners without supervision. Most facilities have ...
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Story about the Ben Ish Chai selling his precious sefer Torah in order to publish his seforim

As promised awhile back, the letter from Rabbi Hillel's book (the Hebrew edition), pp. 122-124: "...אחרי עתרת החיים והשלום את קסת'י נתתי להודיע להדרת גאונו וכו', כי נמצא איתי ספר תורה שלם קטן ...
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Were scrolls ever written on both sides?

The archaeological evidence is not easy to interpret. We have papyrus fragment found in Egypt written on both sides at a very early time, but they are too small to tell if from a scroll or codex. ...
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Additional differences of Rashi's Torah scroll

You can see a list of this, and other differences, in the Gilyon HaShas on Shabbat 55b
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