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Where can I purchase ספר הבית היהודי volume 7 by Rabbi Aaron Zachai?

I don't know if you are looking specifically for a UK source? But it is definitely purchasable in Israel. For example this site here and here has all 10 chalokim. It would also seem to be purchasable ...
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Seforim on Suffering

Pain is a Reality, Suffering is a Choice is a book written by someone who lost their daughter at a very young age after their child was severely ill for years. It is a very well-written book from many ...
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Looking for a Sefer on Chagim/ Yom Tov

As Joel K said, Moadim Uzmanim is the most classic. For many years, the chiddushim of Rav Kulefsky were published in small pamphlets that were distributed and studied across America. Here is an ...
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Where to Buy Soft Matzah?

I found an online source for soft matzos as below. I could not find details about a living Rabbi Mordechai Maslaton; you will need to check the supervision.

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