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I'm not familiar with this vision condition. However, here are my thoughts on each of the two Machzorim. The Jewish Heritage Machzor, I'm not sure contains everything. It has been a while since I last viewed it. However, the print is large. If I recall, it is spiral bound, which is a huge advantage in that it can lie flat. It also is much lighter than the ...


You could start with this artscroll book: Eliyahu Hanavi: The prophet through the prism of Tanach, Talmud and Midrash by R Avraham Yom Tov Rotenberg which artscroll describes as Who was Eliyahu? How can we understand his zealotry? What was his mission? How was he unique? What is his legacy for us? The Sages in the Talmud and Midrashim, the ...


This may be an "opinion-based" question, so, I hope my suggestions, coming from an experienced Torah reader may assist. First of all, halachically, there is no requirement for a Bar Mitzvah to read any part of the Torah whatsoever. The party is also not a requirement. I mention this only as this may ease the stress of thinking that you must do any of this. ...


Your son will become a bar – mitzvah (congratulations!) – the real meaning is that now he will be responsible for keeping the mitzvos. He needs to be educated in the mitzvos and how he is going to keep them in your situation. The most desirable situation is that he should have someone experienced to teach him. As mentioned in the comments, the most likely ...


The Sifra can be found on Sefaria or While these aren't physical copies-- as @PopularismIsn'tRight notes in a comment-- you can have a physical copy printed via using PublishYourSefer.

1 (ie Kollel Iyun Hadaf) fits all 3 of the criteria you list. They provide a clear point-by-point summary for every Tosfos in the Talmud Bavli (just click on a Mesechta and select the Tosfot option). It's a free and wonderful resource.


You can get תוספות המבאור on the whole of תלמוד בבלי- see here

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