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Two other sources one may want to check: Ben Zion Katz, M.D. authored a short book titled A Journey Through Torah: A Critique of the Documentary Hypothesis (Urim Publications,2012) in which he confronts the DH based on jewish sources. There's an online review by JQR on his book here. I also recommend the Baal Otzrot's Commentary on the Torah which deals ...


The following passage from R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik's "And Joseph Dreamt a Dream" limits the applicability of "not in heaven" to matters pertaining to law: We all know the story of the "oven of Achnai". When in the course of a Talmudic dispute, a legal discussion over a question of ritual impurity, R. Eliezer ben Hyrcanus tried to adduce miraculous ...


Avodah Zarah 7a rules: ת"ר הנשאל לחכם וטימא לא ישאל לחכם ויטהר לחכם ואסר לא ישאל לחכם ויתיר The Sages taught: One who asks a sage and he declares it impure, he may not ask [another] sage to rule that it's pure. To [ask] a sage who forbids, he may not ask [another] sage who permits. Tosfos on the spot explain that this is only if one doesn't inform ...


If I remember correctly, you may go to a second rabbi, provided you inform him of the ruling of the first rabbi you visited.

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