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This case is mentioned in the Beit Yosef (YD 157): מעשה ברב אחד ששחט תינוקות הרבה בשעת השמד שירא שיעבירום על דת It happened that one rabbi slaughtered many children in a time of persecution for he feared they would leave the religion See there for discussion of other rabbis who disagreed and for each side's reasoning.


Perhaps this is the intention of the Kinah recited during Tisha Ba'av, which discuses this time period: Kinah 22 (Ashkenaz) אֲבָל אָזְרוּ גְּבוּרָה יְתֵרָה לַהֲלוֹם רֺאשׁ וְלִקְרוֹץ שֶׁדְרָה וְאֵלֵימוֹ דִּבְּרוּ בַּאֲמִירָה לֹא זָכִינוּ לְגַדֶּלְכֶם לְתּוֹרָה נַקְרִיבְכֶם כְּעוֹלָה וְהַקְטָרָה וְנִזְכֶּה עִמָּכֶם לְאוֹרָה הַצְּפוּנָה מֵעֵין כֺּל ...


Should we observe the Torah to gain a reward? Maimonides considered the notion of observing Torah to receive a reward was childish, comparing it to a child who needs to be bribed by candies or an adult by money or reputation as a rabbi. “All this,” says Maimonides, “is shameful. It is only necessary because of the immature nature of people who need ...


Good question. Many Jews know that learning the Torah is a mitzvah. However, there are other reasons to do so as well. For one, the Rambam felt that the observance of the Torah is human-oriented, not G-d-oriented since God is all-powerful and does not need to see people doing mitzvot. In his Commentary on the Mishnah, Introduction to Perek Chelek ...


Rambam provides a simple, practical reason: Guide for the Perplexed 3:36 It is also evident that the precepts which exhort and command us to learn and to teach are useful; for without wisdom there cannot be any good act or any true knowledge. (Friedlander translation)


It means "causing damage to the public". In context, people who come in contact with one another are at risk of giving each other COVID-19 and spreading it further.


It’s important to note, that despite the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s indisputably vast command of Jewish sources, the rebbe himself acknowledged that had no explicit proof for his thesis. This makes it almost futile to look for alleged “sources”, when the rebbe himself admitted that he had no parallel source that he could point to. Note, that he prefaces his thesis ...


understanding what you are reading is important to not making false assumptions. It should be obvious to anyone that the Lubavitcher rebbe would never claim Gd has corporeal representation. There are many examples of this throughout the Talmud and kabalah and it's important to understand in context what each source means. As far as how a Rebbe is able to ...

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