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How's about Shorshei Minhag Ashkenaz by Rav Binyomin Hamburger (Bnei Brak) from Machon Moreshes Ashkenaz? Additionally, on their website, they have a Luach HaMinhagim for the year. I recommend checking that out as well.


The correct title is "Doros HaRishonim". As far as I know, it was NEVER reset in new type. The edition from the 60's, was a photo offset reprint. It can be reprinted by special order, for a reasonable price. Just follow the links on the bottom of the HebrewBooks page: "Order Print Version (External site)". ...


As mentioned by @Alex, his biography is in Early Acharonim beginning on page 158. As I read the bio, which is fairly long as compared to other biographies in the book, I was struck by how much his background sounded very similar to Rabbi Yosef Solomon Rofeh of Delmedigo. And then to my surprise, at the end of his bio, it states they were contemporaries and ...


From this Google Books preview it appears that he is listed in the book, on page 158:


Another vote for Brettler; I wanted to add, for taamei hamikra, I found Jacobson's Chanting the Hebrew Bible a clear and systematic reference (and comprehensive, the book is huge). The author is a musicologist, not sure about his Jewish background, but it doesn't figure in to the text as far as I read. More technical (ie academic), but invaluable: Yeivin's ...

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