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This fish is an abomination, and there are many examples in the Talmudic discourse to prove that it is not acceptable to cross-breed a kosher, and non-kosher animal. This is not a result of two kosher animals, but a Kosher and a non-kosher animal. This is completely unacceptable for a Jew, and it is an abomination. Furthermore, Jews are commanded to be HOLY, ...


Five conditions of a hiddur esrog according to the Tiferes Yisrael Sukkah 3:37 from most to least important. That it should be completely clean,and especially by the chotem (when the middle starts to bend in) there shouldn't even be pin drop of something unclean. The esrog should have many bumps and not be smooth skinned. The ukatz (bottom stem of esrog) ...


You would need to ask the certifying authority or your local Rabbi. Those items that are chalav Yisroel that I have seen will have chalav Yisroel added to the label. Something could be marked mehadrin but still be Chalav Stam.


Not necessarily. Anyone can mark something "mehadrin" and standards may differ.

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