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Machon Tzomet has only authorized the following Panasonic models: ES-LV6Q ES-LV5C ES-LV9C


The cutting board/counter can also be an issue. If it was used to cut, prior to the cutting the potatoes, unkosher food which is sticky/filmy/greasy etc, that residue can get on to the potatoes. The oil it is fried in would need to be 60 times that unkosher taste. Even if it were, at some point the oil would have gotten enough unkosher taste in it that it no ...


I think 1 and 4 are the same certification, viz that it's suitable for Passover. But that's not what you asked about. I think 5 is the company's own say-so, and refers to an unspecified ishur, approval; 2 and 3 are then those approvals.


That is correct and many observant Jews eat this bread (I lived in France for five years). The same is true for many sorts of plain bread, not just baguette. However one has to check that the oven is only used for plain bread and not for other specialties with cheese or meat, if the supports used in the oven are not covered with grease and if they use the ...


The Talmud states (Sanhedrin 17a) that one can only be appointed to the Sanhedrin if he can prove that a sheretz is pure (despite the fact that a sheretz is impure): אמר רב יהודה אמר רב אין מושיבין בסנהדרין אלא מי שיודע לטהר את השרץ מה"ת Rab Judah said in Rab's name: None is to be given a seat on the Sanhedrin unless he is able to prove the cleanness ...

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