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If, by "funeral" you mean the "ceremony" done in a funeral chapel prior to burial, you should know that this is absolutely optional. Many people forego this "ritual" and have the "ceremony" (if that's the correct term, here,) at the grave. As for burial, itself, I have attended numerous funerals all attended by at least one Orthodox rabbi who supervised the ...


Of course not, neither Mitzvah requires the presence of a Minyan, neither is postponed if no Minyan is present. However, Seudas Mitzvah (following Mitzvah meal) after the Bris or the wedding (or Bar Mitzvah etc) requires the presence of a Minyan, and otherwise, it should be postponed. A minyan is required on a funeral only to say Kaddish, but the Kaddish is ...


There is such a custom brought in the Chiddusei HaRan. The Gemara in Sanhedrin 32b writes that if one sees light of a candle in Beror Chayil (name of a town) it is like they are proclaiming "a party is taking place there, a party is taking place there ". The Chiddushei HaRan explains that maybe this is where the custom of carrying a torch before the chasan ...

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