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Pidyon Peter chamor on c section born donkeys

While we have משניות that teach us that a יוצא דפן is excluded from בכור בהמה טהורה (see בכורות ב:ט) and בכור אדם (see בכורות ח:ב), this halacha is not mentioned explicitly when the mishna deals with ...
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Does the colouring of animals depend on what the mother sees before conception?

I don't see any of the comments bringing Rashi on 31:10: וַיְהִ֗י בְּעֵת֙ יַחֵ֣ם הַצֹּ֔אן וָאֶשָּׂ֥א עֵינַ֛י וָאֵ֖רֶא בַּחֲל֑וֹם וְהִנֵּ֤ה הָֽעַתֻּדִים֙ הָעֹלִ֣ים עַל־הַצֹּ֔אן עֲקֻדִּ֥ים נְקֻדִּ֖ים ...
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Can Jewish owned animals have tattoos?

tl;dr it is probably not allowed to tattoo an animal, but only because of the mitzva of not being cruel to animals, but nothing to do with the lav of etching the skin (tattooing). CYLOR. According to ...
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Can Jewish owned animals have tattoos?

Vayikra 19:28 "You shall not make cuts in your flesh for a person [who died]. You shall not etch a tattoo on yourselves. I am Hashem." The verse prohibits us from tattooing ourselves, and it ...
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