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R Dovid Ribiat answers your question in his book The 39 melochos (vol 3, p. 888) It is questionable wether killing a mortally ill or wounded animal is the melocho m'deoraisa of Schochait. In any case, doing so is not actually permitted. "Mercy killing" situations are common examples of this [question]. Example: One who notices a badly wounded bird ...


From the Gemara in Chullin 112 it seems that Shmuel had a dog and would throw prohibited items to it to eat. שמואל שדי ליה לכלביה Shmuel would throw to his dog.


The last Lubavitcher Rebbe had a German Shepherd guard dog. Source.


On page 145 of "Call of the Torah" by Rabbi Elie Munk, he says, quoting the Sefer Divrei Yirmehayu, "Tradition tells us that the tower-builders suffered three punishments. The Semites, who wished to perpetuate the memory of the Flood's victims with a memorial, were scattered over the earth--the lesson of the Flood should have been taught to ...

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