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Brushing a Pet on Shabbos

Brushing hair on Shabbat is tricky because of the melacha of gozez (shearing hair). The original gozez was on animals so brushing animal hair is even closer to the original prohibition! Practically, ...
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Meaning of animal names examples

I'll just give a few examples but for a long list of examples see here: For a fox- זאב, it's זה אב, like זה אובה, meaning a fox always desires food. For a mouse- עכבר, its בר, עכב-בר is מזון (food) ...
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Is Capybara meat kosher?

The Da'at Zekenim, based on Vayikra 11:27, writes (on that verse) that although there are many animals who have split feet, nevertheless if they don't have hooves, they are impure.
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