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In my opinion, the addition (not during the holiday of course) of some velcro strips could assist you in this endeavor.


Get a Talit made of a cloth which is a bit coarse [that is, not very smooth] (I got one like this). Works 100%.


If you take your talis from the sides and roll them in and under on top of shoulder it should stay in place without any movement.


While I can understand the emotional issue one may have with paying dirt-cheap prices for a mitzva, I do not see the connection between ואנווהו which literally means to glorify, which is done through the beautification of the mitzva-object as stated in the Talmud (Shabbat 133b), and the price spent on the mitzva. Do you have a source that the ואנווהו ...


In the context of the other coins minted during the revolt and siege of the 1st century, it is not surprising that the depiction of the species is less photographic of "full sets" and more representative of the mitzva and of the holiday. The symbol may have been an act of rebellion in itself, bringing distinctly Jewish practice, whose restoration they were ...

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