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I also seem to remember something along those lines, but I only found sources connecting the sale to Yom Kippur (and not even an actual midrash): Rambam in Moreh Nevochim (pt. 3, ch. 46): אבל החכמים ז"ל עשו טעם אחידות כפרת ציבור בשעירים, בגלל חטאת כל עדת ישראל בראשונה בשעיר עזים, כוונתם על מכירת יוסף הצדיק שבפרשתו נאמר וישחטו שעיר עזים וגו' The ...


A vort from R' Moshe of Kobrin is that after 80 years נעשה צדוקי - he felt himself to be a tzaddik. The implication (in view also of the other teachings on that page) seems to be that this led him to pride and then to going wrong.


Yochanan didn't leave Judaism; he became a Sadducee, meaning that he left the Pharisees. If we follow Abbaye's opinion that Yannay is Yochanan (Berachot 29a), then the story of how he became a Sadducee is given in Kiddushin 66a. Rava's opinion is that they are two separate people, but the story is still useful because it explains the motives why someone ...

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