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According to many modern professors and evidence found in Egypt and many other places (and based of different parts of Tanach) Dedumose II was the pharaoh of yetzias mitzraim. According to them 2 Pharaos before him was the one that raised Moshe and the one before him was the whom torah said about him "ויקם מלך חדש" (it a machlokes rav and shmuel if its ...


Stam, Cleopatra is mentioned other times in gemara (avodo zara 8b, nida 30b) and there it is clear that its talking about the last ruler of Egypt before the Romans appointed a governor over Egypt. this is the lashon of rashi in avoda zara 8b: בימי קלפטרא מלכתא - של אלכסנדריא כדאמר בהמפלת במסכת נדה (דף ל:) ונלחמו רומיים עמה ונצחוה ותפסו הם המלוכה

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