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I just stumbled across the Ba’al HaTurim on Bereishis 25:30: הלעטיני נא מן - ראשי תיבות המן. לומר כשם שיעקב קנה מעשו בכורו בלחם ועדשים כך קנה מרדכי את המן לעבד בפת לחם ”Pour into me, please, from [this red stuff]” - This initials “Haman,” to say that just like Yaakov bought from Esav his birthright with bread and lentils, so did Mordschai buy Haman ...


The alshich and manos halevi... explain that תאבדו is not a punishment it is just a lost opportunity to fix what severe damage shaul her grandfather had caused to himself the kingdom and the family and this all will be lost forever... it does not imply that if she is successful in this endeavor the family line will be rewarded

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