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The Soul of an Animal

You are asking 3 questions that come up when you consider that animals don't have free will: Why does Hashem make this animal soul go into the body of this animal species? How can some animals be ...
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The reason Sukkos is connected to Gog U'Magog

One possible answer (to get the flow going) is given by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Toras Menachem Hisvaaaduyos Volume 38 p. 53 (שיחת שבת חול-המועד סוכות ה'תשכ"ד). The Gemara teaches (Sukkah 55b and ...
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Why did Rav Akiva announce Bar kochba as mashiach?

You’ve made a lot of assumptions. Firstly, we simply do not know the parentage of Bar Koseva (also known as Bar Kokhba), or where he was born. I think it’s safe to say that Rabbi Akiva would not have ...
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Why did Rav Akiva announce Bar kochba as mashiach?

Rabbi Akiva announced Bar kochba as the messiah because he was fooled into believing that Bar kochba really was the messiah. Just as Paul was fooled into believing that Jesus was the messiah and how ...
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Is it still galut even though a lot of Jews are in Israel

The Gemara in Shabbos 21a says: The only difference between this world and the messianic era is subjugation of the exiles to other kingdoms, from which the Jewish people will be released. The Satmar ...
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