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The question is based on a misunderstanding of the words of the Seder Olam (which also appears in Eduyot (2:10) משפט המצריים שנים עשר חדש), which refers to the duration of the tribulation of the Egyptians, 12 MONTHS, not to the number of plagues. Note, that Rashi in Parshas Va'era (Shemos 7:25) says that each plague took 1 month, three weeks of warning, and ...


@Alex had a very good answer. Just thought I should add that Maharasha explains that the lowest part of the soul (Nefesh) remains with the body after death and the most elevated part of the soul (Neshama) separates from the body after death and ascends to higher realms. His commentary (see the footnote in ArtScroll) says that the Germara here speaks of a ...


R. Ezekiel Landau discusses this aspect of the tale in his commentary there. He explains that the spirit cannot leave the body until the body decomposes, and that is why we conduct burials in a manner that will quicken the process, by burying directly in the ground and using linen shrouds. A mat of reeds slows the rotting process and therefore the body of ...


Perhaps that explains the enigmatic phrase by in L'Dovid Hasem Ori that "my father and mother have foresaken me, but Hashem gathers me in." Tehillim 27:10.


You read midrash Tanchuma Buber Vayeira 28,1 which says the King of Moav killed Dovid's parents and brothers except Elihu his brother. ויסע משם אברהם. כתיב רעך ורע אביך וגו' (משלי כז י), זה חנון בן נחש מלך בני עמון, שנאמר ויהי אחרי כן וימת (נחש) מלך בני עמון וגו' (ש"ב י א), ויאמר דוד אעשה חסד עם חנון בן נחש וגו' (שם שם ב), אמר ר' ברכיה בשם ר' אלעזר בן פדת ...


Total number of subchapters = 3,362 Broken down by book (and weekly portion) Bereishit - 1,038 Bereishit - 264 Noach - 90 Lech Lecha - 105 Vayeira - 114 Chayei Sarah - 49 Toldot - 67 Vayeitzei - 87 Vayishlach - 87 Vayeishev - 59 Mikeitz - 35 Vayigash - 25 Vayechi - 56 Shemot - 462 Shemot - 85 Va'eira - 46 Bo - 71 Beshalach - 67 Yitro - 24 Mishpatim - ...

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