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I learned in Ner Yisroel for a few years, and from what I heard from the Rebbeim, R' Ruderman's affinity for the Ohr Someiach comes from his appreciation of the Ohr Sameach's genius. He learned the entire sefer by moonlight as a bachur. So it was not so much an act of hakaras hatov but of the very high regard he had for the Ohr Sameach's greatness in Torah.


R' Ahron Marcus, the Hebrew linguist, wrote in his book Barzilai1 on the origins and identification of several of the Tanachic animals, among them the Re'em. He rejects the various identifications of his time - the unicorn, leucoryx, rhinoceros and the aurochs. Instead, he writes: מן הרשימה בדברים (י"ד, ה') מסתבר, ששור הבר לא כונה מקודם "ראם",...

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