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Story of a woman hitting a rabbi because husband said

It is in the Gemara Nedarim 66B אֲמַר לַהּ: זִילִי תְּבַרִי יָתְהוֹן עַל רֵישָׁא דְבָבָא. הֲוָה יָתֵיב בָּבָא בֶּן בּוּטָא אַבָּבָא וְקָא דָאֵין דִּינָא. אֲזַלַת וּתְבַרַת יָתְהוֹן עַל רֵישֵׁיהּ. ...
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Are the stories from Chashukei Chemed real?

Rav Osher Weiss has stated in public that many of the cases are theoretical and never happened. I personally think that is obvious based on the nature of the questions he deals with.
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