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Interestingly enough in Torah Shleimah Vol 29 which discusses the unsual letters in the Torah - ָכתַב התורה ואוֹתִיוֹתֶיה - I can't seem to find a reference to this enlarged ס in either of the lists nor with a (possibly unreliable) text search. Also in Volume 39 - שלח there is no mention of the enlarged ס on this verse - meaning it is (probably) not ...


I think the answer to the question is that there is no agreement as to whether the samech should be large. I thought it was universally agree eg the ayin and dalet in the first paragraph of shema. –


Har Sinai seems to be in the land of Midyan, which is in modern day north western Saudi Arabia and south Jordan. I personally do not think Mosheh Rabenu walked hundreds of miles to the Southern Sinai peninsula from Midyan and that the Bnai Yisrael were wondering in Egyptian territory for so long, and therefore my opinion is that it’s not in the Sinai ...

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