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To answer your first question: Most people would say that dinosaurs are not mentioned in the Bible. And they would be wrong. Oranges are also not mentioned in the Bible and yet no one would deny an orange for supper. Contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs are mentioned in the Torah, and no, it's not what you think. No, it's not Genesis 1:21's "taninim ...


Well, despite my general lack of agricultural knowledge, a cursory skim through this google search result would seem to indicate that while mustard is good for pollen production, it's not actually that great at producing honey. This could be explained by the rashi's explanation that the bees eat the spicy mustard and it causes them to consume their own honey....


i saw from google that bees love to eat mustard leaves, which is the conclusion of the gemoroh. Also maybe that is why we like honey mustard dressing, as they are so diametrically opposed. Also people like leek and onion soup as two different tastes.

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