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With regard to things discussed in the Gemorah, they were frequently very easily observable and determinable even in ancient times. They couldn't have simply gotten those things wrong. (The answer which is usually given about the Gemorah which mentions people having 248 bones is not that nature changes. That Gemorah also explicitly says they dissected ...


With these types of questions, one needs to be very careful about how he understands the words of the Sages. Often the contradiction comes from a mistaken or simplistic understanding of their words, and a deeper understanding shows that there is no contradiction. For example, the first part of the question, about the seven month and eight month babies. ...


The "bones" are actually calcium deposits that build up on the tympanic bones during pregnancy. This is why mothers have such good hearing.


A great book: The Challenge of Creation: Judaism's Encounter with Science, Cosmology, and Evolution by Rabbi Natan Slifkin A great essay regarding the flood by Rabbi Marc Shapiro A good site: Rationalist Judaism


My Rav in a prominent Toronto Lubavitch shul mentions the importance of understanding science in understanding Halacha. He answered me because of my need to convince a group of 12-14 Orthodox boys’ schools of the validity of my science classes that I teach. The Rav gives examples of how shabbos laws for recent inventions require an understanding of science, ...


When examining Maimonides' medical writings and comparing them to the medical advice of the Talmud, one is often left in shock. Many, if not all of the ideas contained in the Talmud are erroneous when in comparison to the findings of modern science. How can such pious talmudic rabbis err? Is it possible that such holy men could make mistakes? Maimonides ...

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