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Ben Yehoyada, in his explanation of the Gemara, understands the references to cubits and spans metaphorically. He begins by citing various teachings of Chazal's that one should verbalize his Torah learning, and with that foundation, he explains the Gemara as follows: והנה נודע פה פתוחה מספרה שמונה מאות, ולכן לימוד ד׳ חלקים פרד״ס בפה פתוחה - הנה המספר עולה ...


Here is a list of roughly 6 approaches in Jewish Thought to the question of scientific theories of origin (Big Bang Theory, Inflation, Geology, Evolution, etc...) and the Torah's depiction of creation. I am certain there are others I haven't encountered. 1) Rejection of scientific conclusions. Theories change over time. Rather than worry about a ...


I know of a number of approaches to evolution vs creation in Jewish thought. As far as I can tell, it seems that an insistence on the Torah giving literal history with it being roughly 5,769 years since ex nihilo, became more popular after the scientific challenges of the past two centuries, not less. As though we dug in our heels in the face of so many ...

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