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This is the translation from Iyun Hadaf: He also rules that the oil ... ... that has already dripped into the trough is forbidden, but the oil ... ... that is still dripping from the 'Memel' (the heavy stone which presses the olives in the Ekel [Tiferes Yisrael]) and from between the 'Pitzim' (the planks which also squeeze out the oil from the olives) is ...


By the way -- melacha is feminine, and therefore the expression is *melacha she'einah tzricha legufah" -- "work not needed for its own self." And it doesn't appear to qualify as such. The light bulb appears instead to be a classic case of psik reisha -- "I just want to take the head off this chicken, I don't necessarily want the side effect of the chicken ...

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