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Can I have flowers planted on my grave?

See Flowers, Jews & Gravesites by Eliezer Zalmanov Response: You are right. Planting flowers on a grave ...
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Can I have flowers planted on my grave?

The prohibition of placing flowers on a grave is not a strict prohibition, and appears to be more of a matter of custom. I had never seen this outside of Israel but, having gone to too many military ...
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Why does Hashem, Who is all-merciful, let children get cancer and suffer and die?

Apparently God doesn't think so. However, you're welcome to make that argument next time you pray, similar to Moshe's after the Eigel debacle.
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Why didn't G-d make us resistant to pain or blows?

This is a great question! The simplest answer is that pain was a curse that Adam and Chava brought upon themselves and their progeny by the chet. See Bereshit 3. A practical answer is that they came ...
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