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How widespread is the belief that Adam had a first wife?

If you search the Zohar, Zohar chadash, and Tikunee Zohar for the word לילית, you will get 25 hits. If you search for the word לילי"ת, you will get 23 hits. She is mentioned in Bavli Eruvin (100b)...
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Order of events in parashas Bereishis

What a wonderful and high gain question! I apologize for not responding to this sooner. When I first saw it, I assumed that someone else would have jumped on it quickly to give you some insights. How ...
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Should Genesis 1:4 say that the light "was" or "is" good?

The sentence itself is indeed in past tense but Hebrew almost always omits the copula, so it would have no tense, so literally, He saw the light, that it good, or that it ["be"] good. ...
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The Tomb of the Matriarch 'Rachel Imenu'

Of course it's not a punishment. The avoda of Leah's soul is more on the side of bringing down Kedusha. Chazal teach that Rachel Imeinu is the mother of the golus/redemption, which is why she is the ...
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The Tomb of the Matriarch 'Rachel Imenu'

The Midrash says that Jacob did not bury Rachel in the Cave of Machpelah because he "saw" that when Israel would be exiled, they would go on the road to Efrat and she would "see" ...

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