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All biblical and cuneiform texts "posit a flat, probably disk-shaped world. The heavens are made of solid material. They are ... dome-shaped, completely enclosing the surface of the earth." Moshe Simon-Shoshan, "The Heavens Proclaim the Glory of God: A Study in Rabbinic Cosmology," BDD 20 (2008): 70. "[The ancient sages of Israel] believed that the earth ...


Did the ancients think the world was flat? Many people were primitive in those days and might have thought the world was flat. This does not mean the Bible or even Moshe felt the same. For starters, it is speaking from a human perspective, much like Joshua is speaking from a human perspective when he commands the sun to stand still. We wouldn't say that ...


Maybe they thought that once they got up to the next level they could walk on it, and get around everywhere. Maybe it shows that people who want to fight Omnipresence have not understood their own nature relative to G-d.


They are not created, they are formed by means of the natural laws from preexisting matter. This has nothing to do with yesh mai-ayin (creation from nothing) which occurred at the very beginning. We usually talk of star formation in terms of the gas mass that is converted into stars each year. Indeed as Rashi and others point out on Bereishis 1:14 Yesh ...

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