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Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurbach writes that the night of the seder is called leil shimurim(night of watching) and it would be improper to mention mayim achronim which was enacted to prevent danger.


I suggest that since this is supposed to be a normal part of every meal there was no need to mention it. This is not like Kiddush, washing after Maggid, and the beracha of HaMotzie, because, even though they are also part of every Shabbos and Yom Tov meal, one might be confused about where to place them in the proceedings. We might think that Kiddush should ...


It's noted in that the verse in Shmuel is intended to look like the song-verses in Yehoshua because it's a continuation of what happened in the time of Yehoshua: "הפסוק דומה מאד לפסוקים ביהושע יב 9 - 24, שבהם מפורטים המלכים שהיכה יהושע. ואכן הפסוק הזה הוא המשך ישיר של אותו הפרק, כי יהושע לא הצליח להכות את 5 ערי הפלשתים, ורק בימי השופטים ...

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