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Yes, they can. Jews pray in Hebrew all the time. Are you confused? That's because Jews are gentiles. The term "gentile" originally meant 'not a Roman citizen'. We are not Romans. If we accept the more modern usage of the word, then Jews are not gentiles. The Bible does call Israel "goy," meaning nation, but not gentile.


By Jewish law a Gentile may read the Tanach (Bible) but not the commentaries as that is already trangressing to the oral law. I will point out that by Jewish law, Reform conversion is null and void as to making you jewish, and therefore, the laws applicable to gentiles will still apply. To be considered valid to become Jewish, you must apply to an orthodox ...


The grammatical point is incorrect. The construct mustn't always be translated as indicating possession. We commonly have, for instance, הַר קָדְשׁוֹ his holy mountain (Psalms 99:9), not mountain belonging to his holiness. But with respect to the word אֵל specifically, there is even more ambiguity, since God's name is habitually used in construct state to ...


I am an Italian Noahide; I am not an expert in Hebrew and I do not know this presumed compatriot of mine named Maghen David, but I point out that the translation he proposed is radically contrary to the millennial exegesis of the masters of Israel. I would also like to add that even the translation of 'adat el with "divine assembly" seems to me ...

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