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How does a Jewish community recognize a Jewish person they hadn't seen ever before?

There’s no Jewish identity card! In theory, people who claim to be Jewish should generally be believed absent any specific reason to doubt them. For example, Rambam said (Hilchot Issurei Bi’ah 13:10) ...
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Theological Aspects of Hebrew Grammar

I've long had similar questions. There's various explict theological points about grammar scattered throughout the Midrashim, but I've yet to find a work which compiles them into a complete framework. ...
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What is the term for esoteric exegesis (of the Jewish texts) in Hebrew?

The word is "סוד", or "secret."
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Was the man who wrestled with Jacob, God?

Genesis 32:25-33 is about Esau - there's a number of parallels with him and the entity that wrestles with Jacob. Jacob wrestles with the "man" (Genesis 32:25). Jacob wrestles with Esau (...
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