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The name appears in 1st Chronicles 2:13 as אישי, and this was interpreted in דעת מקרא as a shorthand of אישיה - Ishyah - literally "Man of Jah". Compare this to אשבעל - Eshbaal - "Man of Baal" - 4th son of King Saul as the name appears in Chronicles (in Samuel he is called איש בושת - derogatory name to replace the word "Baal"). The Bible does not explain ...


I'd sooner suspect that the correct interpretation of ישי - Jesse is "יש שי" meaning "there is a gift", for example, describing the birth of the child - similar to by Leah's naming of her son Issachar - יש שכר" = יששכר" meaning "there is a reward".


Rav Yisrael Taplin(Halichos Chaim page 13)asked Rav Chaim Kanievsky this question and Rav Chaim answered a woman should say it with a kamatz (moduh) .

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