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I saw in this week's Parsha Sheet (Shabbos 9 Av 5779) that Rav Moshe Sternbuch's Talmidim print, that he paskens that one may not extends Shabbos for more than a few minutes after one's customary "Shabbos-ending time" - and at the very latest one has to end Shabbos 3 - 4 minutes after the Rabbeinu Tam time. He did not quote any sources.


This is what it says - "312. Should Eicha and kinnos be recited by a person who must remain at home? A person at home should try to recite them, if possible." The source given in the back is "מ''ב סק''ה, תשובות ונהגות הנ''ל" I seem to remember a while ago that a friend of mine who is a Rabbi mentioned that Guidelines doesn't always present a whole ...


Our shul has a list of key kinnot to recite in priority. I was told that there were different minhagim in dati leumi synagogues in Israel and this is one of them. The numbers in handwriting should correspond to the page numbers in the artscroll Tisha b'Av ashkenaz siddur.


There's nothing stopping you from keeping Shabbos for as long as you like(*), however, you can't eat, drink or wash after sunset. This is documented by the Remo in תקנ"ב and by the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch inסימן קכה - דיני תשעה באב שחל בשבת או באחד בשבת where he says: וְצָרִיךְ לְהַפְסִיק מִבְּעוֹד יוֹם, כִּי בְּבֵין הַשְּׁמָשׁוֹת אָסוּר בַּאֲכִילָה ...


Extending Shabbat up to Sunday night would create a conflict between two halachot. On one side, we need to fast on Tisha b'Av It is a positive commandment, ordained by the Prophets, to fast on those days on which tragic events occurred to our forefathers. The purpose of the fast is to stir our hearts to reflect on the ways of repentance, and to serve ...


The best guidance I can come up with from a Kadmon is that the Ari Zal would only recite the Kinos and Piyutim that were written by Rabbi Eliezer HaKalir. They were written with Kabbalistic knowledge, so all else being equal, they have that advantage in that it makes them more powerful in what they effect in the higher realms. I am assuming that you would be ...

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