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How is one allowed to eat both cholov stam and pas palter?

The Igros Moshe (YD 2:33) writes that the common custom is to consume pas palter even where pas yisrael is easily available.
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Jewish owned dough bake by a non jewish baker

Generally speaking, if the whole process is done only by non-Jewish workers, then this is exactly "bread of a Jew that a non-Jew baked", and it is forbidden. There's however an answer by Rabbi Moshe ...
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How is one allowed to eat both cholov stam and pas palter?

The piece you're quoting says with regards to aseres yemei teshuva. The Shulchan Aruch writes that those are lenient concerning pas paltar year-round should be strict during the Ten Days of ...
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Define pas for pas yisroel

To be bread it must have toar lechem, "the appearance of bread". So noodles are definitely out, as are cooked grains, which do not even necessarily require bishul yisrael (to be cooked by a Jew), but ...
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Are partially cooked foods subject to bishul/Pat akum

OU Kosher answers your question (here) and states it is a dispute between Ashkenazi and Sefaradi poskim Rav Yosef Caro (Shulchan Aruch YD 113:9) writes that if a nochri [non-Jew] cooks food to the ...
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Do fortune cookies need to be Pat Yisrael?

Fortune cookies are made from a batter and baked very thin, so that they can be folded around the paper fortune. (And, I always assumed that the fortune was mixed into the cookie batter!) You can see ...
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Is the brand Chef's Quality pas yisroel?

I would suggest reaching out to the kosher certifying company. Some of them. The frozen bread products: As of last I checked (December 2017) unless it says they are, they are not. They are not on ...
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Toasting is baking?

In commercial cereal production today, the actual cooking process is usually done through rotary steaming, not baking. After the fully cooked grain or corn is crimped, shredded and cut, it is then ...
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