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Is Goat milk chalavi?

Yes, absolutely. If you think about it, the Torah verse about all of this talks about cooking a g'di in its mother's milk. Now while the Talmud reads that as referring to any young animal, most often ...
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Are Jews allowed to wear clothing made from dyes from nonkosher animals or bugs?

The prohibition against eating bugs does not include deriving benefit from them. Similarly, leather from non-kosher animals can be used for clothing. The Rambam (משנה תורה, הלכות מאכלות אסורות ח׳) ...
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Where is a responsum regarding misguided Jews prioritizing kisui rosh over observance of kashrus?

Teshuvos Maharshal 72 ועכשיו אני אגלה את קלון האשכנזים בודאי מי ששותה יין נסך במלון של גוים ואוכל דגים מבושלים בכלי שלהם והמחטי' הוא שמאמין לפונדיקי' שלא בשלו בה אין חוששין עליו ואין בודקין אחוריו ...
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Does lemon or lime juice need a Hechsher

Per crc Chicago Yes. It needs Kosher certification. For this reason, all pasteurized juices require reliable kosher certification, even if they do not contain any kosher-sensitive ingredients.
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Do frozen fries need a hechsher

As the comment said – they come prefried and could absolutely have used non-kosher oil. Goodness yes, they need a hechsher. The OU and the like have their lists of items not requiring a hechsher. Even ...
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Are Shibolim rice cakes kosher for Pesach without special hechsher?

The OU does certify certain products as OU-Kitniyot. However, on their product search page, it appears that the Shibolim rice products are only certified OU-Pareve. Seasons Kosher has a listing for ...
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Are goji berries subject to Orlah

The Institute for Torah and the Land of Israel has an analysis, the following is my summary: According to the Radbaz (שו"ת הרדב"ז, ח"ג סי' תקלא), if a plant bears fruit in less than a ...
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Does boba from a non-Jewish store need a Hechsher

The CRC Kashrus Organization tweeted in 2018 that Plain Tapioca Pearls Do Not Need A Hechsher, however this should likely be verified to determine if this is still their opinion. Even if it is their ...
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