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That's 1K Kosher, under the supervision of R' Menahem Hadad in Brussels, Belgium. They are listed on R' Eydlitz's KosherQuest as reliable, although CYLOR.


In moderation meat isn't bad for you. In this article on the issue, the bottom line is: Unprocessed and properly cooked meat has many nutrients and may have some health benefits. If you enjoy eating meat, there is no compelling health or nutritional reason to stop. God wants us to enjoy in a reasonable fashion!


To 'earn' the karet punishment one must sin b'meizid - knowingly (First Rashi in Masecta Kritut). The required knowledge is a. knowing that the action is a prohibited at the time, and b. knowing the punishment for the sin. Sources: There are two prerequisites for a beit din (Jewish court of law) to administer any kind of physical punishment (whether ...


Ralbag in his commentary there explains why Noah and his descendants only got partial laws: והנה הספיקו אלו המצות לבני נח לתקון קבוציהם לפי שכבר ידע השם יתע' שלא יאות בהם בכללם שיקבלו מהשלמות יותר מזה ואולם לבני ישראל צוה נימוס [יותר] שלם להגיעם אל השלמות האנושי להיותם נכונים להתנהג בו And behold these commandments sufficed for the children of Noah, ...

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