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Journalists and Lashon HaRa

Although there are many halachos in regards to Lashon Hara, the news industry is well known for rapant Lashon Hara and Motzei Shem Ra, as has been discussed by many Gedolim. Although in an ideal world ...
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Is it wrong to have bad thoughts if you feel bad about them?

What is the sentiment on having bad unholy thoughts though I know they are wrong and feeling bad about them. They are bad nonetheless, but recognition that they are bad, and having charata, is a step ...
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Kli Yakar about Lashon Hara

I believe you are referring to the Kli Yakar in Metzora 14:4 In the paragraph that starts with ועליהם אמר שלמה - כי בעיניו אותו סכלות מעט שהוא רואה בזולתו הוא יקר וכבוד בעיניו יותר מכל חכמה וכבוד ...
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