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Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky on Iphones

I was curious, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, I believe brought down a responsa saying that one is not allowed to own an iPhone without specific permission from certain Rabbinic authorities, and if you own ...
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Can one send messages in another person's name?

Is one allowed to write texts/send messages in the name of another person, who has given his permission for this? Concrete example: Jack (a boss of a company) hires a marketing firm to go into his (...
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Does anyone know of an Illustrated/Animated Audio Bible resource on YouTube or other video platforms?

I'm looking for a YouTube playlist or something along those lines which includes an Audio Bible reading along with illustrated images as the audio keeps going. The focus is on the five books of Moses.
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Does participating in Mi Yodeya count as an "addictive hobby", which would therefore forbid us from using it according to Rav Moshe Feinstein Y'D 3:35

Rav Moshe is very strict about this. Stack Exchange has a points system, equivalent to "likes" on other platforms. This system has been demonstrated to be highly addictive as we get a ...
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Modesty for a Goya

My Noahide female friend has taken on modest attire, so as not to be a stumbling block. There are still pictures of her on friends' social media, in many of these she is dressed immodestly. My ...
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Can I edit my photo on a social media post to look better?

Could I edit my photo on a social media post to look better by applying filters to it, or would this be Gneivat Da'at?
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Facebooking in the bathroom

It is forbidden to think, speak or read words of Torah while using the bathroom as per Shulchan Aruch O:C 85:2 [based on Shabbos 40b] If a person is using the bathroom and they know that from time to ...
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App featuring material written on Shabbos & lashon hora

I'm building an Android app featuring Israeli news. It is largely based on feeds that automatically takes material written by news services and bloggers who are not shomer Shabbos (but no one is ...
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Obligation to Tell People Online if Changing Time Zone Before Shabbat?

If a person changes time zones while going on a vacation, do they have an obligation to alert others to this effect? By using social media and other types of online sites (like Mi Yodeya), not telling ...
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woman posting a picture of herself on social media

From a halachic perspective, is it modest for a religious woman - especially someone who is single - to post her picture profile on social media?
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Is it forbidden to embarrass a non-Jew?

The prohibition to embarrass another and its sources are discussed here and at more length here, with the stipulation that the mitzvah--and related issues of onaat devarim--apply to men and women in ...
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Determining the status of bedika cloths via digital media

Determining the colours on a bedika cloth is a wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation. Preferably a bedika cloth is checked by the light of the sun ('white light'). I've have ...
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Is it permissible to post photos of pages of a siddur (containing YHVH) online?

I am planning to write a detailed blog post about the weekday Shacharit service, and I want to illustrate it with photos of pages from my ArtScroll siddur. Is this permissible, given that the pages ...
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Is Mi Yodeya allowed to tweet on Shabbos?

I recently signed up for @StackJudaism tweets, just to see what's going on here when not logged in. These tweets are automatically sent out by the Stack Exchange, which is done for every SE site. ...
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Sharing Mi Yodeya questions on Facebook

Underneath questions on Stack Exchange sites there is a "share" link which allows one to share the question one is viewing on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. Is it permitted to use this feature on Mi ...
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Facebook in the bathroom

While it's certainly very crude, if not plain gross, it's not all that uncommon for people to use social media sites like Facebook while in the bathroom. Many Posekim forbid speaking in the bathroom, ...
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Gneivas daas with fake social media accounts

Many companies (and the US government) create fake social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) accounts in order to make it look like people are talking about their product. I personally know several frum ...
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Where can I find tapes of Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzburg - "Shemesh Hashem", "Mikor Mayim Chaim", "Etz Chaim","Katnus Kodem LeGadlus", "50 Shaarei Bina"?

Where can I find the following tapes (lectures dates 20-25 years back) of Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzburg? I'm looking for specific tapes such as: "Shemesh Hashem" "Mikor Mayim Chaim" &...
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