I was reading the Artscroll biography of the Tosher Rebbe and it writes on p.283 the following:

He recalled how his grandfather the Saba Kadisha, had warned him against eating geshtuppte ganz, the stuffed-goose dish that was commonly eaten in Hungary. It was subject of fierce halachic dispute, and the Tosher Rebbe had held it forbidden.

The footnote there reads:

This was questionable according to halacha because the food pipe might have developed a hole, as the geese were force-fed. While many Jews would eat this dish, there were several poskim who ruled it forbidden.

Building on the Rema as pointed out by @JoelK below, does anyone know of any sources / sheilos v'teshuvos that discuss this case further?


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The Seforim Blog has an article discussing it.

Rabbi Dovid Cohen who is the Administrative Rabbinic Coordinator of the CRC of Chicago has a shiur on this topic here. (It's part of a longer series of shiurim on kosher meat.)

  • Hi @Efraym - thanks for this. Could you perhaps provide a summary of what is said?
    – Dov
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